About Us

Direct ATM is the retail ATM provider of choice among customer-centric Australian businesses.

Welcome to Direct ATM – have a conversation with us today to explore what’s possible.

Direct ATM is big on innovation. Machine uptime is our top priority. With our up to date equipment backed by a powerful operating system and 24/7 technical support, you are assured that you can optimally respond to your clientele’s ongoing demand for a trusted cash withdrawal and redemption terminal.

Our longstanding relationships with clubs and entertainment venues, convenience stores, service stations and retail centres across Australia are proof of the excellent service and impeccable customer care we deliver.

Headquartered in QLD, our team has organically grown through the years without losing that personal touch we give every customer. Direct ATM professionals are trained and exposed to every aspect of the business – from pitching the Direct ATM difference to prospects to working on the frontlines – so we can achieve the best possible outcomes for the company, our client and suppliers, employees, and growing communities. This organic growth philosophy fuels our drive to be the country’s retail ATM solutions provider of choice.

With our tailored private ATM solutions coupled with 24-hour service and monitoring, we tap into the Australian business’s urgent need for fast, secure, and convenient cash dispensing within their premises.

With our fleet of reliable ATM and cash dispensing machines, you can expect no less than:

Personalised, round-the-clock service and monitoring

Direct ATM has a dedicated phone number to provide 24/7 phone assistance if there are any issues with your designated machine. While most issues are usually resolved over the phone, we can also organise a technician visit to fix the problem while you’re on the same call!

Simple, fuss-free onboarding process

We don’t take precious time away from your important tasks and burden you with 30-page contract agreements. Instead, we engage you in an efficient 20 to 30 minute conversation, pick the spot within the business where you want the ATM machine to go, quickly walk you through the contract and negotiate commissions, and install in between 2 to 7 business days.


Top-of-the-line equipment

Our ATM machines are reliable and powered by our proprietary, up-to-date software. Spare parts are always on hand in the rare occasion that an error occurs. With Direct ATM, you don’t need to worry about machine downtime for ages due to constant breakdowns and poor servicing response time.


Safe and secure onsite ATM experience

With our bank-grade transactional encryption, you can rest assured your customers and their money are in good hands.

Increased foot traffic and sales for you

By offering your customers the gift of convenience and uninterrupted access to cash, you ramp up customer flow into your establishment. Thus, your business enjoys increased average transactions, higher sales, and enhanced customer loyalty.